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Welcome to AcrossCuba, here you will find all the necessary information for booking a room or an apartment in Havana or in any other province of Cuba.

The reservation service we provide is absolutely free and all the houses, apartments and rooms we offer are legally authorized by ONAT for being rented to foreign tourists.

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What is this site for ??? You Will CubaCASA PARTICULAR CUBA

In our site we offer information and services for travelers looking for casa particular in cuba, bed and breakfast in cuba, cuba lodging, cuba accommodation in cuba maps, cuba hotel in havana, travel to cuba travel information, hostels, and a lot more information.

This site is intended to make in advanced reservations for travelers interested on private accommodations in Cuba ,known as CUBA CASA PARTICULAR , note that the plural is casas particulares , NOT CASA PARTICULARS. This is now the most popular way for making tourism and finding accommodation in cuba because you can get in touch with the real Cuban's everyday life. In a hotel that is almost impossible there you will only find tourists like you and workers that wont have time enough for establishing a conversation. Booking a private room lets you beat the feeling of the biggest attraction of Cuba "The People".

On the other hand renting private CUBA ACCOMMODATION in Cuba is much better for your pocket because at list you will save 40% of the money you should spend in a cuba hotel. Since you pay directly to the owner of the accommodation you are contributing to a Cuban family's stand of living and the service is most of the times much better and more personalized than in big cuba hotels . Other important point is that you can improve your Spanish and learn how to dance salsa with real every day dancers. Lodging in Cuba is more if you stay in a casa particular.

It is for sure a good idea to make in advanced reservation specially considering that most of international flights arrive late at night. And with the current tourism booming is sometimes hard to find accommodations. Cuba casa particular is the best option for finding cuba accommodation at low budget.

We also provide useful information about the island and tourism, If you read carefully our site you will be in conditions to travel to cuba with an amount of information that will make you an "Smart tourist". And you will save money and time trying to find this information by yourself.

How to Make the Reservation ??

Once you have decided to travel to Cuba, the best way for making the reservation is through our web site. The procedure is simple. Go to the button LODGING at the top of this page that will guide you to the lodging area where you will tell us what are you looking for and some details of your trip.

1.. Fill in the reservation form in the lodging area (select your CUBA ACCOMMODATION)

2.. We will mail you back as soon as we receive your application.

3.. Keep in touch. We will do our best to fulfill your needs.

4.. Once you have decided to book a room or an apartment in cuba trough our web site we will provide you the address of the house in Havana, names, contacts, and some other details you will need.

5.. When you arrive to the airport in Havana there will be a guide waiting for you to take you to the place you have booked. (taxi cost is not included)

Cuba Visa

Tourist visas for anyone, American or not, as long as you were not born in Cuba or are not visiting Cuban relatives, are easy to obtain and come as a part of your travel package when you buy your ticket. Visas for journalists and researchers declared as such are a separate matter and require an application to the Cuban Consulate in your country (Washington, DC for the US). Cuban Americans born in Cuba also need to get special permission as they are viewed with somewhat more suspicion and have to be checked out. see Cuban Interests Section

What Other information do we provide ??

Our site provide useful information about

-- Cuba lodging (CUBA CASA PARTICULAR)

In this section you will find our reservation form and a detailed information about how to make the reservation trough our site, you will also find pictures of the rooms we offer as well as the prices for rooms in havana depending on the location. We also make some recommendations for first time travelers and booking a room in a casa particular cuba.

-- Cuba Travel Information

In the "Travel info" tab our visitors will find general information about people from USA when travel to Cuba , detailed information about obtaining the cuba visa, Custom regulations, Cuba currencies and ATM´s machines, in this area you will also find general information about transportation in the island and the schedule for tourism busses.

-- General Cuba information

In "Cuba info" tab we provide information about restaurants in cuba , buying cigars, rum and souvenirs, we also talk about sex in Cuba , the weather and some information about bringing gifts to cubans.

-- Some Travel tools

In this tab we provide some tools for travelers when coming to cuba such as a travel store, maps of cuba and a Cuba photo gallery.

-- Cuba touristic destinations

In this tab "Destinations" our visitors will find detailed information about the most important touristic destinations, we have sectioned the information by provinces.

-- Other Related Links

In this tab you will find information about other sites offering private lodging in cuba casa particular and rooms reservation service, also some links about art sites of cubans and scuba diving clubs.

Why travel to Cuba ??

Traveling to Cuba can be the experience of a lifetime! If you are interested in visiting, you should take a look at what others have to say about their trips. Not everyone is allowed to visit Cuba. Some Americans must face U.S. Government travel restrictions but citizens of other countries can travel freely. Cuba has a culture all its own. Travelers will find unique food and many options for nightly entertainment. There are sports and recreational activities everywhere in Cuba, they range from an excellent baseball league to scuba diving.
There are also a variety of attractions you shouldn't miss in Cuba. Historical sites, museums, and very nice colonial buildings are everywhere. There you will find the best cigars of the world and the most beautiful beaches. a lot of reserves of the biosphere makes Cuba also is a very nice destination for the people that are looking for natural environment. Cuban people is exceptional, friendly and peaceful making cuba one of the most save destination in the world. Definitely the best choice when travel to cuba is to stay in a private lodging ( casa particular ). Bed and Breakfast in cuba is the great !!!

Privacy Policy

All the personal information we ask you, through the reservations forms that you could find in this site, will only be utilized to contact you regarding the room reservation process. We will never send you any unsolicited e-mail. Your e-mail address and name will be keep strictly confidential.

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