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There are many atms in havana and in all cuba. most of web sites that sell atms and banks equipments provide the full listing about the commissions and cards accepted by regions including cuba in the "Geografic Converture" section so, they can provide you more information about Automated teller Machine (ATM) in Cuba.

Cuba has a growing network of ATM throughout Cuba. Cubans, as well as foreigners, use the ATM , you can find them in the banks an in centric places in havana and all around cuba.

The problem with ATM in Cuba, as with the entire telecommunications system, is that they don't have the reliability that we are accustomed in europe or the U.S. This problem has being disappearing in the last year and in dec/28/2004 the atm machines closed the year with an average of 97% online so, this is not a problem any more.

We strongly recommend visa (credit card) in cubans ATM or debit card(visa electron) you can withdraw up to 40 bills at once in any denomination of pesos convertibles. this will work in cuba atm as long as they are issued by a NON american bank. the exchange rate vary according to your bank. The main problem in this moment is that in most atm there are only bills of $3, $5 and sometimes $10 pesos convertibles. so you can't take too much money at once, but it you want to do so you can go to any bank and you will withdraw as much as you need.

You can also withdraw money in the banks all across the country as long as your cards are not issued by an american bank or are for local use only.

Credit Cards can be used in the cuba atms, but the most important fact is if your card is acepted in the atm. For knowing that the best way is to go to any website that offer credit cards or sell atms machines and look for the "geografic coverture" which is the list with all the banks and show the comsisions and all cards acepted by regions including cuba so, they can provide you more information about your credit cards