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Travel Info / Alcohol and Drugs Rehabilitation in Cuba

El Quinqué International Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Clinic, member of Cubanacán S.A.- Tourism and Health, assists drug addicts and alcoholic patients coming from different parts of the world, mainly from Latin America. There are many websites offering information about this palce.

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A therapeutic program of already proved effectiveness is applied in this clinic by a competent team of professionals in sociology and psychiatry. It is supported by an administrative team and service personnel that guarantee a rehabilitating stay and a physical and spiritual welfare of patients.
The treatment is divided into two parts—including a week of evaluation, adaptation and of clinical and sociological tests. During this period the patient is enrolled into the activities of the program in accordance with the individual peculiarities of his/her behavior. Later, there comes a period of treatment for the fulfillment of the objectives designed in the program. Here, some variants may be applied such as going out of the clinic for social intercourse at the right moment.

The conception of the program starts from a system of socio-corrective influence such as individual therapy, didactic therapy, group therapy, physical culture, ergotherapy and up-grading courses in accordance with patients’ individual necessities.

The clinic has a daily schedule which is part of its by-law. It starts at 8.00 AM and ends at 5.00 PM in the evening. This by-law is divided into two sections: a morning one and an afternoon section. Time to sleep comes at 11.00 PM.

The period of rehabilitation depends on the peculiarities of the sick one. Time ranges from a minimum of 97 days to a maximum of 165 days. The visits from relatives are approved by the therapists; and, they may stay with the patient if they do not interfere in the treatment. Likewise, phone calls to relatives are to be done out of the time devoted for the treatment.

Patients must come to the clinic with a companion. That person would stay during the period of evaluation, as well as, the first week of the treatment in order to supply all the necessary data that could contribute to define the road to follow. The companion would not pay for the lodging, food and flight.

The program has a total cost of $ 15 485.00 USD which is distributed in the following way. A sum of 1,985.00 USD for the week of evaluation, clinical tests, hematological tests, screening tests ( E. E.G. & E K.G.), lodging, food, in-out transfer at the airport when arriving, as well as, for the flight Havana-Holguín- Havana for the patient and his/her companion. A sum of $ 4,500.00 per month during the period of treatment This includes the patient’s internship, food for three months, as well as the application of the psychotherapeutic treatment by sessions depending on every particular case.

The pay must be done in advance. The first delivery of $ 1,985.00 USD goes for the week of evaluation and $ 13,500.00 USD for the medical treatment.

The following services are not included within the package; that is why, they must be paid separately before the patient is admitted:

· Medical offices or urgent clinic-surgical procedures, as well as, outpatient services offered in other clinics or hospitals.

· Pharmaceutical services not included in the rehabilitation program for drug addiction.

· Laundry and drying services.

· Excursions and tours.

· Sunday transfers.

· Migratory procedures.

· University studies or any other upgrading courses.

· Fax and phone calls.

· Treatment over three additional months.

The second and third companions will pay $ 54.00 USD per day from the very beginning of the program. If the first companion wishes to stay longer than the two early weeks he/she will pay $ 54.00 additional USD. The in-out transfer from the airport to the hotel when leaving the

There are some excluding factors when entering into the clinic— prior to the judgement of the medical team. That is the case of the treatment to some major psychiatric pathologies and to some organic diseases that interfere in the development of the organization of the therapeutical community.

From 1990 to the year 2000, a total number of 414 drug addicts have been treated in the clinic; and 23 through out the year 2001.